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Process for Manufacturing

Quotation Process

We use a defined quotation process. You will incur some expense in this process, but we are convinced that you will obtain the best quote possible. The factory will clearly understand the requirement and provide a realistic, competitive quote that they will ship product against and honor.

Product specifications and samples - To receive a valid quote you must send to the factory:

  • Two working production samples of your product. These samples should be sent in the same packaging you want production products packaged in when delivered from the factory back to you.
  • All available drawings and product specifications.
  • CD that contains all artwork and labeling for your product.
  • All testing required for the product.

Factory Quote - The factory will provide a quotation within 15 days of receipt of your product package. This quote will include:

  • FOB product price (price at the factory)
  • Tooling Fees
  • Estimated quantity in a container
  • Estimated landed cost to your destination

Acceptance of Quote - after acceptance of the factory quotes you will place a purchase order that is “Contingent on Engineering Sample Approval”. Initial payments due to the factory include ½ of any tooling fees, and either a letter of credit or a wire transfer of 30% of the order value as a down payment. Upon receipt of either of these payment methods the factory will source raw materials and build an engineering sample for approval.

Engineering Sample - The factory will build an engineering sample based on the drawings and samples received. This sample is exactly what the name implies. It is a sample made in an engineering sample department. Engineering samples usually take about two weeks to complete. Once completed, the factory will ship the sample to you for inspection. NOTE: Your company pays for sample shipping.

Engineering Sample Acceptance -After your acceptance of the engineering sample the purchase order becomes valid. The factory will then begin making required tooling and will purchase all production raw materials. Additionally, the factory will begin building a production line and training employees on how to build your product.
NOTE: Tooling can take up to 12 weeks to build

Production Samples & Factory Visits -Acquisition Services strongly recommends that manufacturing clients always request a production sample be sent for inspection prior to shipping product. The production sample is a sample made on the production tooling by trained employees on the production line. This sample should represent the final product that will be shipped. We also recommend clients visit any factory in which they have outsourced production. Our goal is to coordinate a factory visit so it coincides with the first production units coming off of the line. This way, you can actually perform the production sample inspection right on the factory floor.

Order Management

Once you place an order we will be responsible for tracking the production and shipping of that order through receipt at your destination of choice.

Logistics and Shipping

Acquisition Services has developed relationships with numerous international shipping and freight forwarding companies. We can coordinate all shipping to assure smooth product delivery to the location of your choice. Most OEM factories price product FOB factory. This means that they do not handle shipping of the product. So whether you need full container loads, or much smaller shipments, we can handle the shipping for you.

Customs and Tariffs

Acquisition Services can handle all of the customs paperwork and hassle for you. Using highly qualified customs brokers, we make sure your products are cleared through customs in accordance with all laws and regulations, and that all applicable tariffs and taxes are correctly paid.

If your company would like to further explore the cost savings of global product manufacturing, request a quote from Acquisition Services today!

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