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Professional Sourcing Experts
Most sourcing companies utilize “internet research” to locate factories. This is the practice of placing your companies business with a factory based on a web site visit and a phone call. Acquisition Services understands there is great risk in this approach. We will only use factories that we have personally visited and inspected.

Representatives from our US office travel to Asia several times a year to meet with factory owners and management. In addition, sourcing agents in our Shanghai, Qingdao and Taipei, Taiwan offices travel to factories regularly throughout the year on behalf of our clients.

Who are the experts at Acquisition Services, LLC?

Larry Self, President
Mr. Self has over 20 years sourcing experience and has been a designated Certified Purchasing Manager (C.P.M.) for over 10 years. Mr. Self’s experience includes professional sourcing roles with Boeing Airplane Company (13 years) and Koch Industries, Inc. (5 years) prior to forming Acquisition Services, LLC.

Shanghai, China
Lucy Yu, Sourcing Agent
Ms. Yu is a graduate of Anhui University, with a postgraduate degree in Management from Sichuan University. Ms. Yu has over 15 years business and management experience, including six years in major domestic sourcing roles maintaining compliance with Chinese Government officials. In addition to company purchasing and sourcing duties, she was also responsible for real estate and building lease negotiations. Ms. Yu is tri-lingual, speaking Mandarin and English and basic Japanese.

Taipei, Taiwan
Jennifer Liu, Sourcing Agent
Ms. Liu is a graduate of Taiwan University. She has seven years global sourcing experience as a manager in the Shanghai office of one of America’s largest retail companies. Her responsibilities grew from product sourcing to product management and design, then to managing a full department of sourcing agents. Ms. Liu is tri-lingual, speaking Taiwanese, Mandarin and English.

Qingdao, China
Aaron Kim
Mr. Kim is a graduate of Qingdao University. He has 5 years experience as a global sourcing agent. Mr. Kim has focused on products in the commercial building sector. His experience includes sourcing products for clients in Europe, Korea and the US. Mr. Kim is tri-lingual, speaking Mandarin, Korean, and English.

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